Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

To all mom's out there,

Dearest Mama,

In pains,
You gave me life
In enormous care
Like the egg
I was handled
And on your laps
I was dandled
You held me close with passion
And as a fashion
You never left the cane
When I became naughty again.

After giving me a fish
You taught me fishing
To face the famine of tomorrow
And so,
If I have a wish,
May it be
That you live for more years
To guide me
And drive away my fears
Speak to me
I will give you ears.

When I was young,
You made me wise
To know that the Supreme One
Lives in the skies
I promise
To be your greatest pride
And on you face
I will put the greatest smile.

In those years
You wiped my tears
You never gave up
To lift me up
When I fell
Because I may be hurt
I watch as you pray
That the best should come my way
Sometimes you forgave me because I did not obey.

How else do I find happiness
Apart from being with you
Where else do I find love
Like all these shown
And for that,
I will say to you
I love you
And I am grateful
For taking me through parenthood.

Love you till the end of my life, hugs & kisses.

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